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Last Updated: 10 March 2021
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Above: Dr. Deke doing what else but talking on an Iridium satellite phone while standing in a millrace under a highway in Battle Creek during the summer of 2002.

Stuff To Read and Look At:  
Musings / Journal: General notes, articles and rants of a journal or "weblog"-like nature.
Writings: Things that I have written that are too long or too substantial to be called a "musing".
Bizarre Ideation: I thought and did some really weird things when I was younger (I still do, but I used to, too</mitch>), so this section contains stories and anecdotes concerning my childhood.
Allied Paper Mill: My other website which primarily contains a guided tour of the Allied Paper Mill, an abandoned paper factory in my hometown. There's also a tour of Parchment's Crown Vantage Mill, a few pictures of Watervliet's old mill, and a forum for the discussion of abandoned factories and related items.
Hip-Hop/Rap Music: Pages concerning Dr. Deke's musical adventures in the world of rap.
Banish Misfortune: Banish Misfortune is a band formed by some friends of my parents, that I was really enthused with when I was little. They had this song about smoking tobacco that I thought was about smoking "a backhoe". Whatever that would mean.
The Ultimate Geek Roadtrip: In June of 2001, my friends Sean, Nathan, Charlie and I went on a road trip to Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. But this was no ordinary road trip; it involved four laptops, two inverters, an 802.11b base station, a circuit-switched cellular phone data connection, and a van-full of SGI computer equipment.
Globalstar Satellite Phone Stuff: I acquired a Globalstar satellite phone and service subscription in late 2012. Globalstar's network service was degraded at the time due to premature satellite failure, so they were offering a service plan with unlimited voice, data, and SMS at a very low monthly price. I couldn't resist signing up for this and, of course, did various experiments with the phone and service which are detailed here.
Cellular Phones/Networks
(Very Incomplete)
Discussion of USA and worldwide cellular phone systems, protocols, phones and technologies.

New Stuff:

Vacation Photos
27 Oct. 2004

Power Quality
26 Sep. 2004

Oil Imports
11 August 2004

The Synchroscope
4 August 2004

A Rat in a Cage
4 August 2004

A Non-Optimal Night's Sleep
10 June 2004

Infiltration.org A site about Urban Exploration (the hobby of looking at and/or exploring buildings and other structures that most people don't look at or care about). I have been interested in abandoned (and non-abandoned) mines, factories and other industrial sites for quite a long time, but the infiltration website was the first place where I learned that other people are also interested in this hobby.
HowardForums.com A most excellent forum for discussion of cellular phones and networks. It's somewhat US and Canada centric.
John Perry's Website John Perry is a professor in Stanford's philosophy department, and he has a number of extremely interesting and humorous "light essays" on his site, concerning such things as procrastination and filing cabinets, which you should take a look at if you have the time.
Websites belonging to my friends:
Orange Hat Studios (Matt)
The Diablonet (Sean)
The Derpsite (Charles)
Charlie's Site (Charlie)
Funk: How to Waste Time (Jeremy)