Cellular Phones
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(This portion of the site is not yet complete.)


Technical Information:

How do mobile phones work? What is the difference between a "Cellular" phone and a "PCS" phone? Why [generally] won't phones from the United States work overseas? Why do some carriers have better coverage than others in the same area? Why can't I use my Nextel phone with Sprint PCS's service? What is the difference between TDMA and CDMA? All these questions and more are answered in the Technical Information section.


Wireless Data:
(coming soon)

How can I transmit and receive computer or Internet data over my mobile phone? Methods, transfer speeds, and costs are discussed for different protocols and specific companies.


Handset/Phone Info:
(coming soon)

Information and opinions about specific models of phones.


Service Provider Info:

Information and opinions about various wireless phone service providers.


Cellular "Phreaking"

Guess what? There isn't really a whole lot of "phreaking" to be done anymore with regards to cellular and PCS phones. But at least I'll tell you the truth about it instead of all the other "cellular phreaking" websites that just want you to click on them so that they can send you a barrage of popup advertisements.