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Dr. Deke keepin' it real on the cover of his upcoming album.

Between classes, studying, and other such wastes of time, Dr. Deke is busy in the lab preparing his hit single, "Bling Bling 2001" for a web mp3 release.

While the real version of "Bling Bling" discussed the objects of envy of BG, the "Big Tymers", "Hot Boyz", and most other rappers, the Deke version "Bling Bling 2001" does the same, only about the objects of envy of Dr. Deke and his computer geek friends - namely computers, broadband Internet connections, and cellular phones.

The lyrics to Bling Bling 2001 can be found here.

After the upcoming releaes of the "Bling Bling 2001" single, stay tuned for Dr. Deke's full length album, "Doin' Thangs", containing multitudes of covers and original-lyric songs, due out sometime in the Spring of 2003.


Above: Dr. Deke takes some time off from the lab to flow at his local residence hall Karaoke night...