Bling Bling 2001 Lyrics
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(Clean Version)

Verse One: Netdiablo

Man, I got these computers iced up enough
While my ISDN makin a fuss, connection to Voyager bust
But me personally admin, I don't give a ----
And I'm always show love to my net

Hittin that eBay, buy the box up
Diablonet motto is I buy 'til the basement fill up
Man, point out the box I guarantee I can set up
OS installed and booted up

SPARCstation iced up, SGI bezelled up,
And my Indigo is platinum plus. (bling!)
Graphics be XZbuff,
And my ethernet be set up.

My heart deal with anger cuz resellers dont give a ----
Stack mah cheese up
Cuz one day I'ma give this collectin life up.

X86, I don't discuss.
Someone run AMD, gonna get his blunted box all locked up.
MacOS? Millionaires plus.
Don't touch somethin man you cain't root!

Twenty inches for monitors is a must!
By the end of the semester, I'ma black out the dorm.

Verse Two: Dr. Deke

A li'l fella seventeen, bandwidth seven figures,
Got so much throughput, you can leech on it...
When you see that signal you know you straight coastin,
Catch ya transmitter down back, I know ya ain't postin'

I ain't seen a connection yet that can run like mine,
Ain't seen a base station yet that can stun like mine
802.11, and it's our turn to shine
Fifty decibels on antenna, that signal ain't blind

Shop for cellphones 'til I die, price make me faint
'Til somebody tell me I need Airlink PCS,
My baby told me no contract man trick to dem phones,
Baby told me SMS man, better than talkin on' yo phone!

They the freak of the tower,
Keep it on the tuck, so I creep on Airlink
An' I play it raw, never keep an Airlink
Keep it real wit my signal,
Never buy Airlink, Never buy Airlink,
Bling Bling...

(Chorus from Bling Bling)

Verse Three: Dr. Deke

It's the fella with tha Nextel phone,
Candy coated motorola with the Java VM.
If ya browsin not talkin', put down the antenna,
Then toss that Sprint service cuz it don't cover, oh what?

Rusty bought an Airlink phone,
Then turned around and sold that thang to Charlie Schmidt.
He put a thirty inch antenna on that thang, man!
I know you cellphone companies out there just don't understand...

Verse Four: Dr. Deke

I'm a 1900MHz reviler:
I'm a Nextel, or CDMA 800 subscriber!
Ignorant air interface always frontin'
Big ballin old protocol, you can see when they runnin'.

Booted up, connected up.
WAP be shinin' up,
IP be blindin up.

People on the circuit switch be sayin,
"I'll be damned,"
Up in they best phones sayin,
"Packet got me damn!"
Bling Bling...

(Chorus from Bling Bling)

Verse Five: Ishamael

I be that fella wit' the CDs on me
If it cost less than twenty, it don't sound right to me!
I stay plussed out, all through the week,
Ya know Music Express got all my money.

I be playin people CDs up all in they home
Folks be like, "Look at that Sony on all that chrome!"
CD-R's for everybody that's in mah click
Cost the price of a mansion, but man my burner's slick!

My discman go in a special built machine,
A Mercedes-Benz 700 V-14!
I know you fellas can't believe that!
I can't wait to see the RIAA's face when they see that,
Man, look at that!

People wear earplugs just to stand on side of me,
Folks say turn that CD off boy, ya deafening me!
All day my ears be ringin, bling, bling, bling.
Can hear my stereo from a mile, bling bling!