In the Navy...
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In this dream, I was back at the University of Michigan for the upcoming school year, and everything seemed to be progressing as normal, except for the fact that upon my return to the dorm room (which was a heck of a lot more plush than any dorm room I've ever seen), Nathan told me that a Lieutenant from the Navy had been by to see me because he had some papers for me to sign, and that he said I should go to his office over at the ROTC building if I had a chance.

So, I head on over to this guy's office, and his secretary points me into a small office containing a table and says that my papers are in there, and that I can go ahead and sign them if I want. I go into this office and find a packet of papers. The top one says something to the effect of "REQUEST FORMS FOR STANDARD DISCHARGE FROM U.S. NAVY." Basically, if you wanted to get discharged from the Navy, it seemed that you had to fill out these forms stating that you weren't leaving because someone was forcing you to, or because of threats from people or anything like that. Well, I've never had any burning desire to be in the Navy, nor any of the armed forces really, so I start filling out the first form, figuring that if somehow I'm in the Navy or something like that, I might as well get discharged.

At this point, I kind of start to wonder how I got to be in the Navy in the first place. I didn't have any recollection of joining the Navy, or of going through basic training, or anything at all along those lines. I also began to think that maybe since I was already in the Navy, and all the unpleasantness was already behind me, maybe I shouldn't quit after all. Luckily for me, at this point, the Lieutenant arrives in the room. I ask him, "So, I'm in the Navy or something?" I am rather stunned when he says, "That's correct." At this point, I think back to see if I can remember joining up or going through basic training, or anything that would make my being in the Navy make sense. All I can remember is a gym class that I had to take a while back, which I pretty much just muddled along through with minimum effort just like in junior high school - that doesn't sound like basic to me. After a few minutes, I still can't think of anything, so I decide to ask, "So... If I'm in the Navy, uhh, what's my, rank, or you know, like my job?" He goes on to tell me that I'm a so-and-so (some rank or designation with which I was unfamiliar - which doesn't take much of a leap of imagination, since I'm unfamiliar with virtually everything about military ranks). My inclination is that the rank he mentioned indicates that I am an officer, and I ask him if this is the case. He said that it is.

By this time, I was really confused. I asked the Lieutenant what I was supposed to do if I did not leave the Navy - as in, was there some job that I would be doing, and if so, what the nature of that job would be. He answered by saying that no, there was nothing that I had to be doing, and that it was all pretty much up to me. He mentioned that I might want to go to one of the special training schools - such as for the submarine service. That sounded pretty cool to me, but the Lieutenant kept pushing the idea of going to this nuclear-related program instead.

At this point, the dream suddenly shifted time and place, and I was working (still for the Navy, evidently) at a secret military/government research facility. The problem was that all of the scientists who had been working on this one project kept getting sick or dying, because the objects that they were trying to study kept giving off toxic gases of some kind. Evidently I was in charge of solving this problem, because I had just finished developing and installing a filter system in the laboratory where the scientists were going to be working.

So I went into the laboratory in which I had installed the filter system, and stood around making sure it was working properly while the scientists studied whatever it was they were studying in there. But then, it turned out that some kind of enemy agent or spy was trying to sabotage the project, because all of a sudden someone approached the window to the laboratory (from the outside of the building) and opened it slightly, trying to make sure that no-one would notice. (I'm not exactly sure what harm would result in the opening of this window, but in the dream, it was obvious that this would result in great harm if not remedied. Perhaps the dust from the outside would clog my air filter and poison all the scientists or something.) I did notice this tampering, however, and I went and closed the window with all haste. A couple of minutes later, the spy opened it up once again, and once again I closed it.

This seemed to solve the problem at first, but after a few minutes, the original agent actually entered the lab, which a couple of henchmen in tow. They proceeded to pretty much work the lab over, blowing things up with grenades and smashing stuff. I think that they killed most of the scientists, too. For some reason, my efforts to prevent this from happening were pretty much unsuccessful. After the rampage was finished, the agent and henchmen either left, or got killed - I can't remember. At that point, I was standing outside the destroyed laboratory building for a while, and then the dream pretty much ended.