Do... Not... Open... Until, TUESDAY!!!
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I used to watch the cartoon "The Real Ghostbusters" on television quite frequently. I had recorded a couple of episodes of this show to a video tape, and I watched them very frequently (as young children often do with their favorite videos).

One episode concerned a massive talking door that some construction workers found underneath New York City while building a new subway tunnel. Every time someone approaches the door, it said in a loud, reverberating voice:

Do... Not... Open.... Until, DOOMSDAY!!!

Well, I was what, six years old or something, and I had never heard of the concept of doomsday. So, I just assumed that it was saying:

Do... Not... Open.... Until, TUESDAY!!!

The foreman of the subway construction crew was in a really big hurry to finish digging the subway tunnel, so he wanted his workers to open up and then dynamite the door so that they could get back to work. I never understood why he couldn't just wait until Tuesday to do this, I mean, Tuesday is only ever 6 days away, tops. But when my parents explained to me that the door was saying Doomsday, as opposed to Tuesday, it made a lot more sense.

Of course, the subway crew didn't want to lose their jobs, so they opened the door anyway which caused all sorts of paranormal problems for the people of New York, which the ghostbusters came and cleaned up in the end. But not until Tuesday.