Main Programming Menu

Enter MENU -> 8 -> 0 -> 0 and use the code 000000 (or as supplied by your dealer) to access the main programming menu. The top level programming menu options are:

1: ESN Display the phone's ESN
2: Cell NAM 1 Programming for cellular account #1
3: Cell NAM 2 Programming for cellular account #2
4: G* Svc Pgm Programming for Globalstar satellite service
5: More Pgm More programming options

Globalstar Programming

In practice, Globalstar customer service will walk you through this programming operation. Otherwise, here is the programming sequence:

Note: The instructions here are for US/Canada subscriptions and telephone numbers. If you are activating your phone with a non-US/Canada number, use your best guess instead of "10 digit numbers".

Once you have programmed all the necessary settings, press the "End" key until the phone displays "Rebooting... Exiting Service Programming."

Cellular Programming

Coming soon

"More Pgm"

Coming soon